Oil Field Chemicals


Integrity Management


CUC Oilfield offer a comprehensive range of asset integrity management products, solutions and services including field surveys and monitoring. Product classes available include the following:


Corrosion inhibitors, specifically formulated and developed for system conditions, transport pipelines, wet gas lines, subsea flowlines, process applications, water injection and hydrotesting. Biocides for the control and treatment of oilfield bacteria which can lead to microbial induced corrosion, under deposit corrosion and H2S generation. Products are available for water injection, SRP systems, production systems and hydrotesting


H2S scavengers to reduce the H2S content of sour production. Several chemistry types are available and can be used to treat mixed fluid production, gas production or storage vessels. Oxygen scavengers to reduce the dissolved oxygen content for water injection, SRP systems and hydrotesting.



Flow Assurance


CUC Oilfield offer an extensive range of Flow assurance solutions, modelling, prediction, monitoring and support work. The main areas we treat include the following:



Scale Management


We provide a comprehensive range of scale inhibitors to prevent mineral scale deposits such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, barium sulphate, iron sulphide. These products can be custom designed for a given system and either continually dosed or squeeze/batch treated dependant on the specific field problem from reservoir through to pipe discharge point.


Treatment designs are specifically tailored per application. Scale dissolvers are also available to remove scale already formed. Products can be supplied to remove carbonate, sulphate, sulphide and mixed scales.



Wax control


We have a wide range of wax control additives including dissolver packages, wax dispersants and pour point depressants. These can be selected based on the conditions encountered during production, transportation and storage.





We provide product for removal of asphaltene deposits and can supply continual injection asphaltene dispersants and asphaltene squeeze products for application into the reservoir





We can support hydrate management control through the evaluation of system conditions, modelling and predictions which can assist in the choice of technology deployed. We can supply thermodynamic or kinetic inhibitors depending on the levels of subcooling





Formulated treatments can also be developed where naphthenates contribute to solid deposition and separation issues. Specific treatments are developed on a case by case basis




CUC Oilfield has a range of Foamers technologies which can be used for gas well deliquification



Separation Control


CUC Oilfield is experienced in the treatment of separation facilities with a range of demulsifies, deoilers and foam control additives specifically designed for your system. The products are optimally developed on fresh fluids/emulsion in the field locations by our team of separation specialists, and are designed to meet the requirements of the given system.


Monitoring services are also available to track the system over time ensuring fluid characteristics are in specification such as BS & W, salt content, low residual oil in water levels.



Gas Treatment Packages


CUC Oilfield can supply your needs for gas treatment products. From glycols and amines through to scavengers, antifoams, corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors.



Water Injection Packages


CUC Oilfield is able to supply all your water injection product requirements including oxygen scavengers, primary and secondary biocides, polyelectrolytes, flocculants, coagulants, scale inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors





CUC Oilfield has a standard range of hydrotest additives and can provide field service/monitoring during application and treatment package recommendations upon request. Our range includes:


·       Oxygen scavengers

·       Biocides

·       Fluorescent Dyes

·       Corrosion Inhibitors



Sulphate removal plant package


CUC Oilfield is capable of supplying the full range of membrane compatible products and services for the treatment of sulphate removal plants. These include:


·       Sulphate scale inhibitors for the reject stream

·       Oxygen scavenger

·       Biocide

·       Polyelectrolyte

·       Surfactant cleaner

·       Solids dissolvers



Decommissioning Package


CUC Oilfield can provide a comprehensive treatment service for decommissioning activities. This service is built up with the decommissioning contractor on a case by case basis and may include a wide range of additives dependant on the types of deposits/fluids/systems to be cleaned. They can include solvent/surfactant cleaners, scale dissolvers, H2S scavengers, antibiofoulants, demulsifies and deoilers.



Drilling/Cementing and Workover


CUC Oilfield has a wide range of additives for drilling/cementing and Workover including:


·       Fluid loss additives

·       Rheology modifiers

·       Viscosifiers

·       Emulsifiers

·       Biocides

·       Surfactants

·       Packer fluid corrosion inhibitors

·       Brine tolerant scale inhibitors

·       Acid inhibitors

·       Foamers

·       Defoamers



Refinery Applications


CUC Oilfield is able to supply additives for refinery applications such as desalters, overhead corrosion inhibitors, neutralisers, process corrosion inhibitors and other refinery process additives



Wireline Lubricants / Wireline Grease


CUC Oilfield manufactures & supplies a range of wireline lubricants & wireline greases including:


·       Polybutene Multigrade Standard Grade (PBMS)

·       Polybutene Multigrade HPHT (PBM HPHT)

·       Polybutene Multigrade K (PBM K)

·       Biogrease 160R10

·       Biogrease LTLV